Designers new to the graphic design profession often ask the question of what they should charge. Honestly, the answer is as much as you want to. It does depend on a few factors.

  1. Level of expertise – Graphic design can be a very difficult profession to get into. Depending on what kinds of works you would like to create. Compared to other designers that have more experience your work may pale in comparison. Due to this fact, you should really try to value the project with the quality of the work. If you’re a hobbyist just starting out, you may want to lower the price just a little to get more attention on your projects. Which will  get your customers and feedback which is beneficial for you to enhance your level of expertise.
  2. Project Specification – Most of the time, projects are generalized. You could be making standard flyers or brochures for clients that on required the bare minimum. Other times your client will want customization and that is common so you still don’t want to add an outrageous amount to the price tag for the project.
  3. Turnaround Time – Turnaround Time is the period for completing a project, commonly expressed as an average of previous such projects. If a project takes you a week to complete and present to the client. You should take the amount of time that you put into it as well as how advanced the project is. You should keep the pricing details ou come up with to use for similar projects in the future.
  4. Level of Demand – If whatever project you are working on is in high demand you will also want to factor that into the final price. Consider if 20 people wanted the same thing and want it done around the same time you will need to put in that much more effort to make sure you make the deadline. Keep in mind that if everyone wants in they usually have no problem throwing some extra money on it.
  5. Location – Where you live can also affect your pricing because you should consider the economy , people in your area may not want to spend too much and also if you are the only one that provides a service in your area you have options because you don’t have to compete with anyone for customers. You can charge the amount that you feel is fair but you still don’t want to charge too much because you want people to keep coming back for more.


Know what you are worth, believe in your talent and charge what you think you deserve.


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