Bring Creativity to the World

LR Media was born in 2006. It started as a way for me to sell my creations and ideas to the world through different forms of media. Whether it is through fashion, design, or simple wall art for your home. Today we can connect with many designers and use many different tools to bring life to many creative ideas.

Whether it is mainstream or uncommon we like to bring a new way of thinking to the products that are made. Whatever your thing is, whether it’s happy cats and coffee or an astronaut on the moon. I am sure you can find something to suit your taste. We try many different products and ideas so you will definitely see a little mix of many things for sale. All of the items will have some sort of artistic style to them. From simple and clean to crazy and abstract.

Also, we would like you to be able to get started creating your own works of art as well. This is why we have also provided a simple photo editor which you can play with. There is also a section where you can get stock images to use for your projects. Once you do have a personal design that you might like you can then even create your own custom products.